Working with products gives me the opportunity to be creative within the boundaries of the product and the client's wishes. Making the image speak to you and finding its energy is an amazing experience in itself.


I shoot weddings together with my dear friend Amy Kouwenhoven, who is a very talented photographer and is teaching me all her tips and tricks. Working as a duo on a magic day like that makes you see, experience and capture so much more. 


The city is our playground and a way to connect to other people. I am part of the rollerskating community and sometimes I can leave my skates in my bag for a sec and grab my camera instead. 


I adore spending a day with you and yours while I look for your power and authentic energy in still images. Email me for more info!


Being in nature creates a perfect safe space to shoot intimate photos. Naked or in clothes, everything works as long as you feel beautiful. And when that golden hour kicks in you will bathe in the best light there is!


My ongoing project 'Surrender Me' is about people who dare to seek and sometimes cross their own boundaries, on an emotional, physical and intimate level, in a pursuit to learn and grow. I try to capture their breath in the hopes of making the viewer breathe with them.

If you want to work with me, don't hesitate to contact me! Love, Wendel.